Steel sheets, coils, strips

Hot rolled, cold rolled (standard, surface finished, pattern, galvanized, shipbuilding)

Quality according to : EN, GOST, ASTM, DIN, GLA, BVA, LRA

Steel sheets

Thickness: 2 - 160 mm

Width: to 4000 mm

Lenght: to 12000 mm

Steel coils, strips

Thickness: 0,35 – 12,5 mm

Width: 40 - 2000 mm


Steel profiles, tubes, bars

Quality according to : EN, GOST, ASTM, DIN

  • Closed profiles (round, square), open profiles (L,U,C,I,T,H - equal, unequal)
  • Tube welded, seamless
  • Bars hot rolled, cold rolled (round, square, hexagonal, flat)


Tools Steel

Equipment for rolling mills - rolls, manderls, castings, forgings

Ferroalloys and minor metals

  • Ferroalloys – FeV, FeNb, FeTi, FeSi, FeCr, FeMn, FeSiMn, CaSi
  • Minor metals – nickel, aluminium, copper, lead, zinc


Reinforcing steel, wire rod

Quality according to : EN, GOST, ASTM, DIN

  • Reinforcing steel in bars, reinforcing steel in coils
  • Wire rod in coils – standard, stabilized, steel ropes


Mining machinery

Mining machines and loaders, spare parts


Graphite electrodes

Polycrystalic fotovoltaic solar panels

Wooden bases, beams, split fuelwood